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MySQL error!

Column 'hit_agent_type' specified twice(Errno=1110)

Your query: Record the hit

INSERT DELAYED INTO evo_hitlog ( hit_datetime, hit_uri, hit_disp, hit_ctrl, hit_action, hit_type, hit_referer_type, hit_referer, hit_referer_dom_ID, hit_keyphrase_keyp_ID, hit_keyphrase, hit_serprank, hit_coll_ID, hit_remote_addr, hit_agent_type, hit_agent_ID, hit_response_code, hit_sess_ID )
VALUES ( FROM_UNIXTIME( 1448489723 ), '/journal/iris?disp=msgform&recipient_id=1&redirect_to=%2Fjournal%2Firis%2F2009%2F03%2F02%2Fsermons_doubt%3Fblog%3D2%26title%3Dsermons_doubt%26page%3D1%26more%3D1%26c%3D1%26tb%3D1%26pb%3D1%26disp%3Dsingle', 'msgform', NULL, NULL, 'standard', 'direct', '', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, '2', '', 'unknown', NULL, '200', '3375004' )