The Beauty of Blank Pages

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Published on 07/23/07 at 04:01:00 pm using 179 words.

One turns to writing when talking doesn’t hold enough promise. When the prospect of being understood or identified with is bleak. Under the threshold of such a realization, one tends to gamble – to aim for extremes in the quest for confidants. Something along the lines of: “The world or no one!” Certain things when read, need to be kept – jotted down, xeroxed, memorized – somehow kept. Not so much because they hold a truth or essence in the rough like a diamond but because your intuition hints that they’ll come to be relevant (to reveal their origin, to explain their purpose) and ultimately fit into something of a jigsaw puzzle by contributing to the making of sense - by filling in some hole in the scheme of things, by fitting into a very specific place your understanding and experience may have yet to discover or explore.

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