Shadows & Blinds

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Published on 03/11/10 at 09:57:06 am using 44 words.

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Currently shattering window panes with a rendition of…
Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill/Peter Gabriel


Comment from: NoName [Visitor]

OMG! Is that a ghost? Im scary….

03/11/10 @ 02:56 pm
Comment from: Rml [Visitor]  

These r really cool! “She spooky, the Iris".
(Btw: “Jasus shaves” = laughing real hard and loud on the bus…)

03/11/10 @ 07:30 pm
Comment from: Iris [Member]

That rings such a fucked-up a bell… lol

Which reminds me… get a load of this! Ronny’s remark today while in line at the bank (I even wrote it down): “I’m more fucked up than the bell will ever be!”

Priceless! :D

03/11/10 @ 07:55 pm