Right on! - Swayze put (perfectly) in writing

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Published on 10/15/09 at 07:02:33 pm using 169 words.

There are few things that I love more than finding a piece of writing - whether an insight or description, a sentence or paragraph - that succeeds in making real something I knew to be true but couldn’t put in writing myself. There’s something about discovery (as opposed to creation) that makes your sense of belonging something tangible. Kim Morgan’s tribute to Patrick Swayze had such an effect on me, particularly the following words:

And his face, his tough yet pleading face, filled with such mysterious need that, combined with his body, a body that understood dance, made him a unique, underrated creature.

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“Tough yet pleading"… I went so far as to put Dirty Dancing on late last night and look for the moments that made those words so applicable and so right on…

Bull’s eye! as Robbie put it. “Tough yet pleading"… :)

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