Falling in love with Art by way of Cai Guo-Qiang

Published on 08/31/13 at 07:34:59 pm using 255 words.
The Chinese and their art… Sometime in 2007 there was the exhibit China Today (China Hoje) and the subtle ways in which it affected me, inviting in unrequired thought (the best kind of thought), delectable contemplation, triggering random,… more »

Como Viver Juntos (How to live together) - Part XVI

Published on 06/24/13 at 10:41:23 am using 21 words.

Duly Instagram'd: Early B'day Gift! \o/

Published on 11/11/12 at 12:59:07 pm using 24 words.
Thank you, Dol! This post is the creative work of Iris Watts Hirideyo and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. more »

Thumbtacked (October 26th, 2012)

Published on 10/27/12 at 03:44:15 pm using 382 words.
And it happens again. Coincidence laced with something I can’t quite put my finger on. Blind choices that converge and lead to a startling connection whose significance is unfairly withheld. (More on those blind choices and connections here, here… more »

Published on October 16th, 1847: Jane Eyre

Published on 10/16/12 at 12:05:31 pm using 167 words.
165 years of Janeā€¦ …and a snapshot of my beloved copy of Jane Eyre (purchased in 1995 for US$3.50 at Bookstar in West L.A., CA) ♥ more »

O Bicho Suspenso na Paisagem (Ernesto Neto)

Published on 10/16/12 at 10:46:58 am using 40 words.
You walk in an adult and leave, a child. Simply magical! more »

Duly Instagram'd: On the Road @ IMS

Published on 07/22/12 at 02:28:32 pm using 223 words.
Maybe it was the excuse I needed and therefore blindly latched onto. The truth is, from the moment I found out Walter Salles’ adaptation of On the Road would be playing at IMS (Instituto Moreira Salles, no coincidence there), it became unthinkable… more »

Vik Muniz @ Rio +20

Published on 06/24/12 at 09:08:30 pm using 21 words.

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