Duly Instagram'd: CCBB & Caixa Cultural

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Obsessão Infinita de Yayoi Kusama (CCBB), Luzescrita de Arnaldo Antunes, Fernando Laszlo e Walter Silveira e Sedução dos Contrários - Festim e Devoração de Gustavo Nakle (Caixa Cultural) more »

Duly Instagram'd: Flowers

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Duly Instagram'd: Festival do Rio (2013)

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Lee Daniels at the screening of Lee Daniels’ The Butler at The Roxy (I just know one of these days I’ll say Lee Butler’s The Daniel… Sigh) more »

Duly Instagram'd: Out and About (XVI)

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Duly Instagram'd: A Fun Day

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Fun with glass and mirrors, International Delight, Porcão Gourmet, C.M., tipsiness ("O corrimão é meu amigo"), Glass Church (Igreja de Vidro), graffiti, Parque Lage with an empty pool, a traffic jam I didn’t experience, A.P., 4 out of 6 movie… more »

iOS7 Heartbreak: Screenshots of an updated iPhone 4

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Love Letter to iOS6 prior to update

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Published on 09/29/13 at 11:13:55 am using 81 words.
As soon as I got my first glimpse of iOS7 on my mom’s iPhone 4, I immediately started taking screenshots of my own 4S and its iOS6 as though it were a loved one, who’d just gotten a terminal diagnosis. iOS6, I don’t ever want to… more »

Duly Instagram'd: Sunday Gringo Breakfast

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