Duly Instagram'd: Out and About (IV)

Published on 03/30/13 at 12:21:27 pm using 21 words.

Random Things I love: Punch-Drunk Clothing

Published on 02/23/13 at 03:12:15 pm using 113 words.
There had to be a reason why I couldn’t help but stare at this item every time I went by the store for a whole week. Unexpected love, just like the kind I fell in, with the coat of many colors… more »

Palaphita Kitch: A Special Night (12/07/12)

Published on 12/09/12 at 12:50:30 pm using 109 words.
Como é bom finalmente conseguir juntar as pessoas que MAIS adoro (minus one) num só lugar!! Thank you so much, Camila M. (e Matheus), Cíntia F. (e Marcelo), Duda L. (e Pedro), Gio B. (e Henrique, Leda e Pedro), Isa L. (e João) e Marina L. Para a noite… more »

Aurora Cariocal

Published on 08/05/12 at 04:07:37 pm using 30 words.
Rio sunset on August 3rd, 2012 resembling the Aurora Borealis more »

FLIP 2012 - Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (Part 1)

Published on 07/08/12 at 02:30:28 pm using 73 words.
I left home at 4:30am. Got on the bus to Paraty at 5:15am. Saw the sunrise from the bus. A bright pink dash in the distance gradually expanding, giving way, imperceptibly pulsating into an orange which, in turn, advanced into the surrounding blue.… more »

Random iPhone Snapshots

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A "Sweet" View

Published on 04/08/12 at 05:31:59 pm using 26 words.
Stunning view of Sugar Loaf :) more »

Sunrise on February 13th, 2012

Published on 02/15/12 at 07:53:57 pm using 21 words.

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