Patchwork Writing: In the company of Jane & Co.

Published on 01/08/12 at 07:06:54 am using 2342 words.
Jane drops in on me every now and again like any good fictional character that once made an impression. Noah Baumbach’s Jane and her sudden drunken clarity. Zeroing in on individual words with a magnifying glass and inevitably failing to wrap her… more »

The Blower's Daughter, Closer, Parker and love

Published on 06/26/09 at 02:34:35 pm using 924 words.
It seems there’s love behind everything. Love shaped to resemble anything you can think of. And all too often, love made out to be the prize. I distrust anything and everything that makes love out to be immaculate and a source of endless joy.… more »

Patchwork Writing: @ this point in time

Published on 05/21/08 at 10:04:23 pm using 353 words.
On my way from point A to point B, I got stuck here. In a pool of question marks, like the ball pools I loved to dive in as a child. Question marks don’t have the same effect, though. Balls are made to roll. Whatever comes in contact… more »

Patchwork Writing: SHE

Published by Iris in Patchwork Writing,
Published on 04/29/08 at 08:40:45 pm using 1161 words.
She’s the girl who’s always rushing. (It was said again the other day amidst heartfelt laughs.) She’s aware of it on days she musters enough attention to pay. Rush… Hurry – Dash Hurry… Rush – Dash Dash… Rush – Hurry :D… more »

Patchwork Writing on the Labyrinthine Nature of Thoughts

Published on 04/23/08 at 08:08:24 pm using 971 words.
Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are doomed to run full circle. No matter what seed they stem from, what route they follow, they will always run right into something else that’s come to me in the form of a thought. I don’t quite know what… more »

Patchwork Writing on feeling like the Odd One Out

Published on 04/22/08 at 10:05:58 pm using 408 words.
Who was the first person to repel society instinctively? To lower an arm, receiver on hand in the midst of conversation and take a deep breath. Who first needed such an intermission simply to get through a phone call? Or to sneak through the back door… more »

Patchwork Writing on The Invention of Solitude

Published on 04/16/08 at 11:46:00 pm using 1301 words.
Yes, there was a reason for Paul Auster that day, after all. Just as there are reasons for waiting and refraining from forward motion. Just as there are reasons for eating and sleeping. Just as there are reasons for walking, pen and paper on hand.… more »

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