Happy Birthday, Hans Zimmer!

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Falling in love with Art by way of Cai Guo-Qiang

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The Chinese and their art… Sometime in 2007 there was the exhibit China Today (China Hoje) and the subtle ways in which it affected me, inviting in unrequired thought (the best kind of thought), delectable contemplation, triggering random,… more »


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Meeting my friend at a church so we’d head together to IMS, this is what we found on April 23rd, Dia de São Jorge. more »

Siskel & Ebert

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A tip of the hat to two fellow “Church” goers, both greatly missed. Their eyes so often sparkling, as portrayed here, looking up at the prospect of an unveiling - yet another little piece of the world revealed… more »

Random Things I love: Punch-Drunk Clothing

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There had to be a reason why I couldn’t help but stare at this item every time I went by the store for a whole week. Unexpected love, just like the kind I fell in, with the coat of many colors… more »

Indulging thoughts of CG against my better judgment (Part I)

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Merry Christmas!!!

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OiR - Outras Idéias para o Rio (Other Ideas for Rio)

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OiR tour taken on October 14th, 2012. more »

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