Random Things I love: The coat of many colors

Published on 05/29/11 at 07:03:34 pm using 370 words.
Those who know me, know this: Color is scarce in my wardrobe. There’s a red item here, a blue one there, the one pink dress some people wish I’d wear more often… ;) and a whole LOT of black and gray. I’ve never really been into… more »

Lola & Me

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Photo taken by Marina on May 19th, 2011. more »

The Silhouette Project - Part VII

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I hadn’t realized I missed silhouettes until I found one today… more »

Mood du Jour: Eli's coming

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Turning on the color switch

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Colorful snapshots made even more colorful with the help of Photobucket’s Fotoflexer. more »


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Multi-purpose iPod nano

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One more reason to love the thing… more »

Mood du Jour: Me

Published on 02/27/11 at 12:12:55 pm using 118 words.
Bedheaded, bruised and making much of what might be a light at the end of the funk tunnel I’ve spent the better part of a week going through. This picture was taken a while back but for some reason it serves as a friend and a mirror today (in Eat,… more »

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