Self-Described Weirdo (from Head to Toe)

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From head to toe. more »

The Movie of My Life

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Before Sunset is the undisputed, unrivaled movie of my life. It has been for nearly eight years and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It isn’t the movie of my life in that it tells my story or any one short story I’ve lived. It… more »

First (CF) Images with iPhone 4S

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Photos taken between January 13-19, 2012. more »

The last of the birthday photos

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Mood du Jour: Personal Velocity, Michael Clayton and Me

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Mood du Jour: Ruby Lee Gissing

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Notebook in hand, I’m introspective and melancholy today. Resigned to pondering the pointless. Looking for a way back into a sense of right. Longing for the feeling of being in the right track, of understanding the word home. Wishing I could snap… more »

A Happy Birthday :)

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A fun evening that started at work and ended up at Mud Bug… Thank you, everybody! more »

WordFoto #3

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Little Things more »

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