Os Loucos de Gávea...

Published on 06/21/09 at 05:21:35 pm using 63 words.

…happily spreading insanity wherever they go…

It wasn’t our first time there, but the first we felt we had to pretend we actually intended to go to the movies when in fact we were just after the mirror tables and colorful lights… ;)

Looking forward to a bright future

Caught in the blue lights

Zero gravity coffee


Green Sugar

Feet in red light

Coffee Eclair

Feet in blue light

Profile in green lights

Blue lights

Purple lights

Feet in green light


Daydreaming again

Crazy angle

Os Loucos de espelho, foto e Gávea


Where the orange muffins hide

Cell photo

Feet in purple light

Starbucks Frappuccino


Profile in blue

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