Original Beauty

Published on 07/31/07 at 02:52:46 pm using 353 words.
The only description of beauty that’s ever worked for me: The refreshing meal, the brilliant fire, the presence and kindness of her beloved instructress, or, perhaps more than all these, something in her own unique mind, had roused her powers… more »

A C-inspired Blog

Published on 07/24/07 at 02:17:00 pm using 346 words.
Some distances are bridgeable, other gaps are simply impossible to overcome. Distance seems to establish itself between people, right at that one second your attention is elsewhere. So you’ll never be able to identify exactly who or what flipped… more »

The Beauty of Blank Pages

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Published on 07/23/07 at 04:01:00 pm using 179 words.
One turns to writing when talking doesn’t hold enough promise. When the prospect of being understood or identified with is bleak. Under the threshold of such a realization, one tends to gamble – to aim for extremes in the quest for confidants.… more »

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