♥ Dad ♥ (April 7, 1928 - June 26, 2013)

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I see now that the thought of a world without my dad was unfathomable. Prior to his passing, I foolishly believed myself to be prepared. After all, his deteriorating health was impossible to ignore. But death eludes us in the deftest of ways. Death is… more »

Siskel & Ebert

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A tip of the hat to two fellow “Church” goers, both greatly missed. Their eyes so often sparkling, as portrayed here, looking up at the prospect of an unveiling - yet another little piece of the world revealed… more »

Jeff Buckley: Born 46 years ago today

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Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

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Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

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Her undeniable beauty and talent. more »

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

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"Marie..." (Trois Couleurs: Blue)

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Julie: …Marie? Pourquoi vous pleurez? Marie: Parce que vous ne pleurez pas… more »

Sidney Lumet (1924-2011)

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It’s unfair the credit for the moments and performances below (amongst so many others) be given solely to the actors’ who played them. It’s unlikely that the credit was ever solely theirs. They all had this in common… more »

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