May 3rd: My Own Personal Jeff Buckley Day

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Remembering Jeff Buckley, not on his birthday, not on the anniversary of his passing, but on a day that was truly special for me. more »

Jeff Buckley: Born 46 years ago today

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Another darker May 29th

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It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone. (The Winter of our Discontent - John Steinbeck) more »

Under the table and dreaming

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[Click on the thumbnail for a larger view] Currently shattering window panes with a rendition of… Dave Matthews Band - Ants marching/Under the table and dreaming This post is the creative work of Iris Watts Hirideyo and is licensed under… more »

Fourteen Years Later

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Fourteen years ago today I was on Westwood Boulevard standing outside Tower Records waiting to see an in-store performance by Jeff Buckley. He’d just come onto the music scene and I’d just become captivated by his unique sound and stunning… more »

Sad boys with guitars

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Being asked this morning what my favorite kind of music was, I scrunched up my face and wavered between rock and alternative… saying the words with a slight frown meant to signify uncertainty, eyebrows misaligned, forehead made to resemble a lined… more »

Missing JB

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Buckley creeps in from time to time. Like a ’short-lost’ friend. Like someone who can only fade so far into the background. Everything you care about that gets ‘backburnered’ into the recesses of your soul eventually steps… more »

May 3, 1995 - Part II

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Click here to read part I of my post about Jeff Buckley …for Fabio - whom I ought to leave the singing to. Currently shattering window panes with a rendition of… Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah/Grace This post is the creative work of Iris… more »

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