May 3, 1995

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I never met Jeff. But I did come in contact with him. A distant sort of contact disguised as a close encounter. He grazed my shoulder on his way to the makeshift stage at Tower Records in Westwood. I was getting my period and he had a zit on his upper… more »

What I am to you

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‘What I am to you…’ is confined to you and me but it can be affected at anytime by unexpected arrivals. It’s as though we’re in a room with a closed door that can be barged into by anyone and anything at anytime. By sunlight, by… more »

The DR Effect

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Music has a knack for trivializing even the most powerful emotions. Words read on a piece of paper, have a way of conveying the kind of intimacy that can easily be sidetracked by a beat or rhythm. The most heartfelt of words can lose their impact… more »

Finding a subject

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A subject is not chosen. It makes itself available. It pats you on the shoulder, makes some attention seeking gesture and proceeds to flirt. Fixes its Jeff Buckley eyes on you, flashes enough of its Billy Crudup smiles to find a permanent spot under… more »

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