Missing *that* particular sunrise on a dark, rainy Sunday

Published on 06/22/08 at 02:41:31 pm using 455 words.
And some good music to go along with it… You keep me in a glass jar sealed with a label You think you know my world Wake up young girl, Take a thrust of lust, if you must now you’ve got a lot to learn My love, my life, my work, my… more »

Six Twelve Soundtrack and favorite DR song

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Four versions of Damien Rice’s Volcano. Enjoy! This post is the creative work of Iris Watts Hirideyo and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. more »

Iris H. falls for an Irish movie

Published on 04/28/08 at 08:14:00 pm using 509 words.
I kind of snuck out of work today only to fall in love with a movie… That’s always been one of my favorites things to have happen… more »

In the company of Joni Mitchell and Radiohead

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“A green plastic watering can For a fake chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth That she bought from a rubber man In a town full of rubber plans To get rid of itself It wears her out, it wears her out It wears her out, it… more »

Conversa de Botequim - Maria Rita

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Published on 03/26/08 at 10:03:53 pm using 21 words.
Seu garçom faça o favor de me trazer depressa Uma boa média que não seja requentada Um pão bem quente com manteiga à beça Um guardanapo e um copo d’água bem gelada Feche a porta da direita com muito cuidado Que eu não estou disposto a ficar… more »

Missing JB

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Buckley creeps in from time to time. Like a ’short-lost’ friend. Like someone who can only fade so far into the background. Everything you care about that gets ‘backburnered’ into the recesses of your soul eventually steps… more »

A little irresistible samba...

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Published on 01/19/08 at 05:30:41 pm using 19 words.
…courtesy of Maria Rita. Have a listen and try to keep still… Quite the challenge! more »

May 3, 1995 - Part II

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Click here to read part I of my post about Jeff Buckley …for Fabio - whom I ought to leave the singing to. Currently shattering window panes with a rendition of… Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah/Grace This post is the creative work of Iris… more »

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