Duly Instagram'd: Sunday Gringo Breakfast

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And miraculously, everybody showed up...

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“Once in a decade” get-together… And everyone actually showed up… more »

Palaphita Kitch: A Special Night (12/07/12)

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Como é bom finalmente conseguir juntar as pessoas que MAIS adoro (minus one) num só lugar!! Thank you so much, Camila M. (e Matheus), Cíntia F. (e Marcelo), Duda L. (e Pedro), Gio B. (e Henrique, Leda e Pedro), Isa L. (e João) e Marina L. Para a noite… more »

\o/\o/\o/ & The Gio-Stickers

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Sí Señor: Gio's Birthday

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Mary Jane instead of **** ***

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Hangin' with the Sun ;)

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