Fourteen Years Later

Published on 05/03/09 at 07:57:33 pm using 154 words.

Fourteen years ago today I was on Westwood Boulevard standing outside Tower Records waiting to see an in-store performance by Jeff Buckley. He’d just come onto the music scene and I’d just become captivated by his unique sound and stunning face. We’d been at it for no more than months. He, playing, plugging Grace (which was to be his only studio recorded album) and I, listening, keeping an eye out for the name and the voice.

When I learned of the Tower Records event, I had been in Los Angeles for a mere eight days. A stunning coincidence, I’ve always thought. Serendipity. One of those rare gifts you don’t dare wonder about.

Strange world where sharpie-drawn outlines of hearts can outlive the hand that drew them.

Photograph by Merri Cyr

Photograph by Merri Cyr

Photographs by Merri Cyr.

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