This is not a review of THIS IS NOT A FILM

Published on 02/16/13 at 09:26:30 pm using 1271 words.
THIS IS NOT A FILM, so aptly titled, struck me right off the bat, as an act of desperation. Manageable, restrained, articulate desperation. more »

My Strange Condition

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Published on 07/18/09 at 11:48:32 pm using 136 words.
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Baggage Claim

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Published on 05/02/09 at 12:48:41 pm using 197 words.
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Are you there? Are you there for me? Yes. But only so long and only so far. This far. From this far. This far from me. You wake up to a pillow with a fake ID. And that’s good enough. Plenty of things are good… more »

There is, There are

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Published on 12/07/08 at 06:55:08 pm using 308 words.
There’s Everest to climb if you sit still and allow enough days to pile up. Everest or something along those lines. Something that may be closer to a hill but assumes the shape and size of Everest before it reaches your eyes. Or something that by… more »

The Tearable Nature of Paper

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Published on 05/23/08 at 05:27:08 pm using 546 words.
One day, his mouth dissolved from a rigid line, a stiff lipless line into a blur, a blotted out line behind which words might’ve been shaped and plans traced. But those particular words had made their way to paper instead. Invisibly, soundlessly,… more »

Patchwork Writing: @ this point in time

Published on 05/21/08 at 10:04:23 pm using 353 words.
On my way from point A to point B, I got stuck here. In a pool of question marks, like the ball pools I loved to dive in as a child. Question marks don’t have the same effect, though. Balls are made to roll. Whatever comes in contact… more »

The Writing Fairy

Published on 04/20/08 at 11:59:08 pm using 220 words.
The Writing Fairy… the one that comes out of nowhere and brings you ease of writing on a tray like a servant and takes it away like God. It seems to have a list of favorite spots to grace with its presence. Or are those my favorite spots?… more »

A Rom-inspired Blog: The Gift of Laughter

Published on 11/24/07 at 06:08:26 am using 261 words.
I read or heard somewhere recently that it’s easier to make someone cry than it is to make someone laugh. To that I would add, it’s harder still (and profoundly captivating) to make someone laugh past the point of sound, deep into the realm… more »

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