Como Viver Juntos (How to live together) - Part XVII

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A kiss is still a kiss (2013)

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To mark April 13th, Kiss day, a little something I’ve only just become acquainted with that definitely gets it right. Thank you, Margaret Mitchell. Before she could withdraw her mind from its far places, his arms were around her, as sure and hard… more »

Duly Instagram'd: Out and About (III)

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Published on January 28th, 1813: Pride and Prejudice

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Happy Birthday, Marco ♥

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R.I.P. (January 19th, 1971 - January 3rd, 2013) May the angels make this day as special for you in heaven as you made it for us while you were here… (Que os anjos façam esse dia tão especial para você quanto você o fez para nós enquanto estava… more »

Indulging thoughts of CG against my better judgment (Part I)

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Published on October 16th, 1847: Jane Eyre

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165 years of Jane… …and a snapshot of my beloved copy of Jane Eyre (purchased in 1995 for US$3.50 at Bookstar in West L.A., CA) ♥ more »

Ringwald, Writing, Audio Books and Ryan

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One thing leads to another and another in my brain faster than most people can keep up. I can barely keep up myself. Recently, a link on my Facebook newsfeed to a piece written by Molly Ringwald for the New York Times about her experience writing and… more »

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