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A heart is a scary muscle - the way it’s able to withstand beatings and heal faster than we ever would’ve guessed. But as with everything, there are long term effects. It hardens, the little muscle that could. It tricks you into closing doors and opening windows, thus limiting your options as to where to move next and at the same time giving you an ampler view to behold. The wider the view, of course, the more details you have on hand to nitpick. The more tempted you are to find fault. The more you understand, too. Let’s bear in mind that finding fault is not necessarily a bad thing. If the faults are there, why shouldn’t they be found? Everything is what it is… among other things. Everything bad is connected to something good, however distantly and vice-versa.
Shame is, among other things, evidence of a conscience.
Love is, among other things, a blindfold.
The flu is, among other things, a reason to rest when you wouldn’t otherwise.
A movie is, among other things, something that fastens you to a seat and keeps you from your life.
A hardened heart is, among other things, something that will eventually melt. And how good it is to melt…

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.


Grand Canyon

Everything seems so close together. All the good and bad things in the world. Everything. I feel it in myself, even. And in us.

(Grand Canyon)

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Comment from: Iris [Member]

Among other things isn’t shame also, in another context, a veil… a filter, if you will, that masks the content of who we are from those we care about the most? It has a way of hiding the heart of our souls from others. That heart we cry to reveal but sometimes lack, just yet, the skill? And the truth is we hurt each other, at times, in that ‘lacking just yet’.

Isn’t love, in another context and among other things, the brightest of lights…? A gentle pair of hands removing the very same blindfold? Opening us? Revealing us? Allowing us to see without those very blindfolds we’ve worn which shielded our eyes from our own selves? From those things which, not always good, make us who we are, (but not all we are), and allow us to see them finally and at long last as things which beg change, for the sake of the connection. For the sake of understanding how those things affect the one we care about. For the sake of communion…

Everything bad is, indeed, connected to something good. Shame, that veil, that evil filter, connected to the good soul of another human being, when removed, reveals that soul to stand naked. Those good hands, removing the blindfold covering good eyes so they can see the bad things… and to see the good and beautiful brown eyes of the one who gave them the gift of sight.



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