Nyah Avery

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I can see you with my eyes closed. With them open, it’s not so easy. There’s the light bill, the lesson plan, the cable guy, there are the phone calls and the text messages, the compositions, the groceries, the hands of the clock - marching away beyond patience and impatience, immutably aloof – there are the distances and the doubts… So many distractions. And only your likely raven hair to tip the balance your way.

I close my eyes often for you. I hold your hand and love you fiercely.

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The Beauty of Blank Pages

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One turns to writing when talking doesn’t hold enough promise. When the prospect of being understood or identified with is bleak. Under the threshold of such a realization, one tends to gamble – to aim for extremes in the quest for confidants. Something along the lines of: “The world or no one!” Certain things when read, need to be kept – jotted down, xeroxed, memorized – somehow kept. Not so much because they hold a truth or essence in the rough like a diamond but because your intuition hints that they’ll come to be relevant (to reveal their origin, to explain their purpose) and ultimately fit into something of a jigsaw puzzle by contributing to the making of sense - by filling in some hole in the scheme of things, by fitting into a very specific place your understanding and experience may have yet to discover or explore.

Currently shattering window panes with a rendition of…
Damien Rice - Me, My Yoke and I/9