T.G.I.F. (4/13/12)

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A kiss is still a kiss

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To mark April 13th, Kiss Day… The sweet, the sexy, the cool, the “goosebumpy,” the gloriously weird, the pained and the heartbreaking…

Each and every one, a leap of faith…

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A "Sweet" View

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Stunning view of Sugar Loaf :)

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"Hey, Hey": Rooney Mara's unforgettable Lisbeth Salander

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A character like Lisbeth Salander, so painstakingly masked, makes you grasp for little things.

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Thumbtacked (April 5th, 2012)

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For old time’s sake…

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Como viver juntos (How to live together) - Part IX

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Thanks to Cíntia Farias for this one!

A wide shot of Copacabana’s beach front apartments with the favela in the background

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Random Things I love: Matte lipstick

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Last words: Clockwatchers

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When I look ahead I imagine infinite possible futures repeated like countless photo copies, thousand blank pages and in each one I see myself, never hiding, never sitting silently and never just waiting, and waiting and watching the world go by.

(Clockwatchers - Screenplay by Jill and Karen Sprecher)

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