A Special Gift

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Thank you very, very, very much.

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E pluribus unum

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Out of many one…

Out of many (elements) one (world)…

Photo by Iris H.

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Eerie skies over Copacabana

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Morning of September 16th, 2009

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Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)

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When I was 17, I skipped school and took the subway uptown from Chelsea hoping to buy a book, stand in line and get to see a man up close. It must’ve been a fairly important school day cause I remember sitting in on Ms. Fitt’s biology class 1st period. I stuck around for 2nd period, homeroom and then I was off in my torn jeans. Eager and ready to dodge whatever came after - armed with a fake note from home.

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April Wheeler (Revolutionary Road)

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Kate Winslet as April Wheeler in Revolutionary Road

It’s impossibly simple - what we want. It fits perfectly inside the picture we draw for ourselves up in the attic of our minds, the one no one has access to without our say and one that may very well not make much sense at all. But hard-headedness dictates that it fits - yes, it does. And it’s… well, impossibly simple. Charcoal on paper. Black on white.

When asked whether she wanted out - out of the country, out of the picture perfect 50’s suburban life she had been leading with husband Frank, April Wheeler (played by Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road) corrects the thought behind the question by retorting ‘I wanted in. I just wanted us to live again.’

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Mood du Jour: Home

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My favorite version of Sheryl Crow’s Home

Mood du Jour: Blue

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Billy Crudup as Fielding Pierce in Waking the dead

Fielding Pierce’s* beautiful chiseled face makes room for Irish eyes, traces of a blue collar background and a tranquility that should be beyond anyone. Out of those, what interests me suddenly is the tranquility, not the face (borrowed from an actor) and not any given circumstances but that brand of serenity that’s able to withstand even an outburst of anger, raised voice and all. That brand of serenity which will vie for control of a body and its soul (or of a soul and its body) and come out on top. There’s peace for a nucleus in him (or the appearance of it, for true peace can only be identified from within) and a bubble around it for protection. There is a soft spokenness to Fielding that the angles of his face strive to contradict.

That’s a quality shared by three other fictional characters I’ve revisited in memory recently: Gilbert Grape (What’s eating Gilbert Grape), Private Witt (The Thin Red Line) and John Halder (Good). Soft spokenness as the contour of a grappling with goodness.

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