Mood du Jour: Looking after Number One ♪♫

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Como viver juntos (How to live together) - Part XII

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Giving places their due: Dented places of my own

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On yet another happy 27th (the 53rd, not counting the very first), it is as fitting as it feels right to post these shots, which tie in nicely with this excerpt from Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth, and a related series of posts (here and here) aimed at paying tribute to places.

If you find yourself thinking “how very Before Sunrise,” just know that that’s exactly what I had in mind.

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Ringwald, Writing, Audio Books and Ryan

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One thing leads to another and another in my brain faster than most people can keep up. I can barely keep up myself. Recently, a link on my Facebook newsfeed to a piece written by Molly Ringwald for the New York Times about her experience writing and acting piqued my interest, just as anyone else’s thoughts on writing would be likely to do. With the possible exception of Jackie Collins. I’ll rephrase that. With the dead certain exception of Jackie Collins.

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Como viver juntos (How to live together) - Part XI

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"You don't know what it's like in my head" (The Newsroom)

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It’s highly unlikely that I was the only person in the world to sit up and take notice of that line (or any other line I’ve ever sat up and taken notice of, for that matter.) Yet, the irrational feeling that that’s exactly the case never fails to take hold of me at moments like these. I suppose, the words that affect us the most strikingly, whether read or heard, usually find us in such an atmosphere of privacy that we can’t help but feel singled out.

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IMS: Lizards and a Toucan!

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Duly Instagram'd: On the Road @ IMS

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Maybe it was the excuse I needed and therefore blindly latched onto. The truth is, from the moment I found out Walter Salles’ adaptation of On the Road would be playing at IMS (Instituto Moreira Salles, no coincidence there), it became unthinkable to even consider watching it anywhere else. It just felt right. Maybe, a silly instinct. Or maybe something to do with the fact that it’d been over two years since I last visited the place (one of my favorites in Rio, mind you.) Or maybe something to do with the fact that one of a handful of Brazilians I admire wholeheartedly and without reservation, once called that place home. Or maybe…

…just maybe, all of the above.

Whatever my reason or reasons, I spent the day at IMS, I had a sinful ice cream-filled crepe with orange and chocolate sauce, I had a blackberry-pineapple smoothie, I saw a photo exhibit, I photographed lizards and even a toucan and I watched the movie. I think he absolutely nailed it. It’s still with me. That’s always a good sign just as it’s always a good feeling.

Go see it.

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