Duly Instagram'd: Out and About (XIV)

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Duly Instagram'd: Sebastião Salgado @ Jardim Botânico, RJ

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My instagram’s shots of Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis

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Unexpected Hearts: Cheese

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Mood du Jour: Reduction (Re-posted)

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Fitting again.

"It just feels good to think about it" (Breaking Bad)

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Don’t worry, I wouldn’t hurt anybody. I just… It just feels good to think about it.

(Breaking Bad - Season 5, Episode 12)

Amen to that, Marie Schrader!

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Unexpected Hearts: The one that almost got away

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This one, I first spotted a while ago, and was too embarrassed to go ahead and take the snapshot after a stranger saw me looking down and asked if I had dropped or lost something.

Cariocas… ever so kind… ever so helpful… And every once in a while, inconvenient too.

Cut to months later…

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Duly Instagram'd: Gringo com as Carismáticas

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One more visit to Gringo Café

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Unexpected Hearts: Cashew

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