iPhone Photo Apps: PhotoStudio (#1)

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Not Perfect. Home. (Breaking Bad)

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At one point during episode 3.10 (Fly) there is this shot.

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Merci Beaucoup a Boulangerie Guerin!

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And my amateur love of photography finally pays off…

A snapshot (first posted here) I took on my first visit to Guerin was selected as one of the five best photos taken of the establishment and/or its products! Yay! \o/

The photo, the news and the prize, all registered below.

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The Notebook ♥ (No, not the movie)

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Clark Art Center

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The exhibit Fragmentos (Fragments) by Alexandre Farto at the Clark Art Center

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Graffiti (Gávea)

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Spotted by Cíntia Farias

IMS - Late Afternoon, Early Evening

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Duly Instagram'd: IMS (April 23rd, 2013)

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