Cappuccino Martini (Alle Caffe)

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A spur-of-the-moment Friday thing…

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Cool Graffiti (Feb. 2012)

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Graffiti… there’s a word I can’t seem to misspelll consistently…

Anyway, here’s yet another find…

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Minimum Recommended Yearly Allowance of Carnaval

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That’s about all I can take. Minimum. Not an ounce more. Can’t handle it. Nope. Nuh-uh.

Without further ado, the ‘NO COMMENT’ snapshots.


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The world's most gorgeously cherubic child

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The Movie of My Life

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Before Sunset is the undisputed, unrivaled movie of my life. It has been for nearly eight years and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

It isn’t the movie of my life in that it tells my story or any one short story I’ve lived. It does tell one I would love to have lived. A story I could at one point visualize sketched somewhere in my future. Waiting to be outlined with a firmer hand and then colored.

If only it hadn’t been for life…

Life with its digressions and sternly made corrections. The ultimate authority figure that so consistently frowns upon your designs, shakes its head vehemently and tells you in no uncertain terms: THIS is your story.

I didn’t get my Before Sunrise/Sunset, but I did get to experience aspects of it I love, like the intimacy forged with places as a consequence of a story set in them. I develop these bonds with places easily, I’m sometimes inspired to write about them (here and here), and I love to find them in stories that are not my own (here, here and here). Just the other day I took the snapshot below simply because I could see so clearly… someone standing (as though he actually were)… right THERE. Waiting for me. All these hundreds and hundreds of days later.

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The nicest thing she's ever said to me

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Her reply to my “I’m sleepy":

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More L.A. Nostalgia: Memorable Screenings

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How I miss those…

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"I couldn't be an extra part" (Hugo)

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Thumbtacked on February 25th, 2012.

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